Our Products


GAACL aims to establish itself as a quality distiller and premium liquor manufacture in India. To achieve this feat, we have mainly focus on our quality products. Thus, our products are manufactured using high quality ENA for bottling and other purposes which goes through stringent quality checks to ensure optimum quality every time. Further, the company is branching out in the IMFL sector with selections of high quality whisky, vodka, rum and brandy.


We at GAACL manufacture spirits from grains such as Maize, Broken Rice, Bajra and Sorghum. Our current range of products includes two Whiskies and upcoming Rum, Brandy and Vodka. Our ENA is produced with great care under the supervision of experts working in the company.

Neutral Grain Spirit:

42.0 KLPD of grain based ENA – used in potable liquor (IMFL)

3.0 KLPD of techincal alcohol – used in industrial chemicals manufacturing

Bi Products

Impure Spirit

The Impure Spirit offered by us to the esteemed clients is also known as Technical Alcohol. Moreover, the Impure Spirit is a byproduct of distillery that is used in varied applications.

Wet Cake

The Wet Cake that we offer is on a huge demand among the customers. The Wet Cake provided by us is a by-product that is produced during production of alcohol.

Fusel Oil

We provide high grade Fusel Oil to the customers that complies with the international quality standards.

Dried Distillers Grains with Solubes

Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS) is primarily unfermented grain residues (protein, fiber, fat and up to 10% moisture) that has been dried from wet cake.We aim to provide high quality DDGS with minimum 45 % protein for cattle feed & poultry purposes to our customers. The average shelf life of our DDGS is one year.


With an aim to conquer the pan India market, GAACL currently has 2 brands under it sleeves, Bang Bang Whisky and On The Rocks Whisky, which are marketed by Bang Bang Spirits Pvt. Ltd. (GAACL’s marketing arm). We are currently manufacturing 2 whiskies with rum, brandy and vodka in the pipeline.

To know more about our brands and liquors please visit our website www.bangbrews.com